Follow-up services PE TECH FOAM co., ltd. offers a comprehensive service network to support our customers all over the world with spare parts and technical know-how. We are not very motivated in just supplying equipment. Many companies will state they can make equipment but only we can provide equipment, raw materials, engineering know-how, production training/ support with current saved our experience.
  • Technical service

    “Get ready to receive whole technical information.”
    There might be obstacles in the production environment or in the way of operating tools, modules and machines even that PE Tech machines and products are known for their high availability. PE Tech engineers can support you with their expertise and organize trainings to optimize your environment to increase the level of performance.

  • Customize service

    “You can customize everything”
    Design, layout, component choice for localization from our technology. We already implemented it to our customer is required in launching and outcome was satisfactory.

  • Training service

    “Better field optimization”
    We, PE Tech, are the only company assisting initial management set up from the same experts who are running current South Korea, North America, Taiwan R.O.C and India operation.

  • Spare parts service

    “Spare parts secure plant availability from PE TECH FOAM Co., ltd.”
    A missing spare part can compromise plant availability and cause production losses. It is good to know that the specialists from Siemens ensure a fast and smooth exchange process.
    “Emergency service for spare parts”
    n urgent cases you can order spare parts and have them shipped immediately, even outside business hours.

    “Ensures highest international standards”
    To meet the constantly growing demand for PE Tech machinery and the associated demand for spare parts, We invests constantly to produce pump components using the latest production methods and the latest product standards.

    PE Tech is certified according to several international standards.
    * UL 2011 OUTLINE FOR FACTORY AUTOMATION FOR EQUIPMENT – Edition 2 – Issue date 2006/12/27
    * OHSA requirement at the production site at North America